Monday, July 31, 2017

Week 74: It's All Your Choice

So because I didn’t email last week it's two emails in one day!

And the computer crashed so I have to type all of this all over again. 


I just want to focus on one experience I had. We have a lot of members in this area who have fallen behind in their attendance (we call them Less Actives or LA) and one LA stands out to me above the rest. He is about 80 and has been LA for several decades. Sitting next to him and discussing a simple gospel doctrine was humbling to me as I saw a man who could have been a spiritual giant in his area and be a strength to hundreds if not thousands but the cares of this world overcame him and he convinced himself out of the church due to ‘more interesting’ pursuits. If we sin we are damned, damned in the sense that our eternal progression is halted. Like flowing water you just remove the barrier and the water will flow again. We repent and the dam is removed, thus allowing us to progress. This is the same in nearly any context.  We can fall behind in talents and in relationships and it's not until we prioritize better that we will continue to progress. Otherwise you miss out on so many blessings. You miss out on helping others, but it's all your choice.

Funny story for the week: My new companion, sister Latu seems to have upset all the flora in the Philippines. If a leaf falls from a tree it hits her in the face, if there is a swinging branch it hits her in the face. If she doesn’t look where she is going, you guessed it, she gets hit in the face by a nearby bush. It's quite hysterical to count how many times this happens in a day.

From the sister who does not have a problem with running into plants,
Sister Eldredge

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