Monday, July 31, 2017

Week 73: The Walking Dead Gets Transfered

(This is my letter I would have sent on 7/24/17 but I wasn't able to email)

This last week was crazy both because it was busy but because I didn't even email last Monday! Yeah, I was transferred to a new area, Bacarra, and I was involved in the ‘farewell exercises’ of the missionaries going home in july.  Due to this fact I had no time to email.

That’s alright. The funny story of this week is also a kinda sad story. I was not feeling good one day but I assumed the upset stomach would go away as I figured it was due to stress. We got to our appointment which turned out to be a lunch appointment. I’ll just jump to the chase - I threw up - in the middle of the lesson. I jumped up to run to the restroom and I guess all the blood rushed to my head because my vision turned black and I got dizzy and nearly fell flat on my face but my companion and Brother Robert caught me and I did not spew all over them, just in the toilet, for which I was grateful. Then we sat down for a minute and then I insisted that we continued the lesson and I was feeling better and was certain it would not happen again. But it did. The exact same thing happened. And when I came out of the bathroom the second time my companion said ‘you look like the walking dead.’ To which I responded ‘I always knew I was going to be famous.’ She didn’t get it so I explained. ‘the walking dead... that is a tv show.’ She didn’t think I was funny.

After that Brother Robert had his employee take us home. When we returned a few days later he told us that after we had left he had cried because of the dedication that we showed to our work.

Only I would be able to help someone feel the spirit of God by vomiting…

Then later after we finished the lesson he cried again, but this time because he had prayed to know if our message about life after death and the purpose of life were true and wanted to be baptized.  He chose to be baptised on September 2, which is the day that my proselyting licence expires.

The rest of this week was a blur due to the fact that I was off and on sick and then got transferred and I am now in Bacarra.

From the sister who is not sick anymore,

Sister Eldredge

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