Monday, June 12, 2017

Week 67: I Flooded the Font

This week went by very quickly… isn’t that what I said last week? My brain is just in a scramble right now, but it's all good. I got to start my week out with what turns out to be my last MLC- as usual it started about 5am as the sisters in the mission office apartment always insist on getting up early to shower… but being noisy about it. I got to see one of my utmost favorite people in the world, Sister Bernards who is working in the office. The meeting itself was incredible and I am going to really miss going to MLC, but I will not miss going on exchanges with all the sisters in the Zone! I love them but I have a happy place in my area- that I am now leaving. I’m pretty excited for my new area as Sister Banham served there in the past so she keeps telling me about all the things she loved there. I kinda felt this coming actually. The thought that I would be sent to Cagayan kept running through my mind all week so I know this transfer is revelation from God.

We worked with some incredible members this week and even extended 10 Baptismal Goal Dates this week which was NUTS. The members we worked with (Ritzmay, Daniel one day and sister Rabang and brother Florentine on a different day) were very in-tune with the spirit and honestly they were the best part of the lessons!

We went to visit a 2-year investigator family of 6 who have been wanting and trying to join the church ever since they first heard it but due to some restrains have as of yet been unable to and were starting to loose hope. This week we got to meet with the whole family-which is rare as basically everyone but the youngest works- and in the lesson we talked about the story of Samuel the Lamanite and how despite how it was hard and sometimes scary he followed the commandments of God (see Helaman 13 in the Book of Mormon).  But that wasn’t even the best part. The best part was how the members talked about how when they were baptized into the church all the things they had to overcome and were still going through but the strength they gained through the Holy Ghost, which they received after their baptism, and it was like a light switch went off. Where this beautiful family had been enshrouded in darkness of hopelessness they were filled with the hope and light of Christ and the best part was I had nothing to do with it. It was the members’ love for them, and it was God’s love for them. That is the coolest.

We also had a baptism this week- but not for us! It was for the elders who are also serving in the same branch as us. But we showed up early only to find the font empty!! So we started filling it and then went out to greet people. The baptism started and we had some incredible talks that were all in Ilocano so I have no idea what was said but I felt good about it. Then as we all went to the font for the actual dunking part we noticed a problem… I had forgotten to turn off the pipe!! The baptismal water was flowing in a river down the steps and into the hallway!!! So we had an impromptu team building experience as we scooped up the water with dust pans and paper towels after I shut off the water. After the baptism our investigator Michaella got interviewed for her baptism next week and it was great! We met with her before the interview to  make sure she wouldn’t get scared of the District Leader- who is a very nice Elder. And she passed!!

This Sunday we had so many investigators come to church and I’m pretty sure all of them will get baptized, the question is when. We Know Michaella will be baptized (she does a dance when she thinks about it) and Cherymay (who we found this week due to a referral from a returning Less Active) is waking up in the middle of the night to read and her husband is too, she was sick and the baby was sick but they came to church and she felt 100% better and her baby’s cold went away. She told us the church has power- and although we watched a broadcast in English she said she felt all warm inside like when we teach her and she wants to feel that all the time. So she’ll be getting baptized!! Ahaha Then Edita came her third time and was just as amazing and participated in the classes! Then two out of the 6 of the potential Abang family came and they were greeted soooo warmly by the members- brother Florentine about jumped out of his chair to greet them!

Life is good and it's sad to think I won't be here to see them all be baptized.

Ta ta for now!

Sister Eldredge

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