Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Week 66: Intoxication 101

Good morning Neverland!

So because of MLC my letters are always late the first week of the month. So no I’m not breaking rules by emailing on a Tuesday. Anyways. This month went by really fast. I personally have never believed when people say ‘time goes faster than you think’ as if time is passing quickly it's due to you not paying attention or remembering the moments. Yet, I remember the moments and I am paying attention- though my companion thinks that I have alzheimer's as I can remember the name of the dog but not the investigator. But I was always like that; remembering useless information and forgetting the crucial things. Like giraffes have the same amount of vertebrae as humans, but I can't remember how to get home. Anyways, the best things that happened this week was having 11 people in church this Sunday. We only reported 10 because 1 we had never met before and she came to assist her boss, so not technically an investigator. Also this seems to be the week of the drunks.
We were walking to an appointment when Elderberto Javier- mr.i-don’t-want-to-listen-to-you-anymore-because-the-dating-daan-prophet-says-so guy I talked about last week. He comes running up to us and this is the conversation:
Javier: Sisters!!!
Us: hey! What are you doing?
Javier: I was just weeding my garden. Don’t you guys want to teach me?
Us: You said you weren’t sure if you wanted to listen to us.
Javier: oh that *laughs* I was disillusioned! I wish I didn’t like you two but I can’t sleep because of what you said and I want to listen now.
Us: are you drunk?
Javier: *swaying slightly* you drink wine to open your mind! You should write that down.
He insisted we talk so we sat down on some lawn chairs in his front yard and gave him a very brief overview of the Plan of Salvation, during which he sobered up a bit. He actually had a lot of questions and insisted he would come to church and not work the whole day of Sunday. He didn’t actually end up coming but besides the fact that he was slightly drunk the spirit was in the lesson and he has been reading from the Book of Mormon.
Another drunk story:
We were teaching one of our potential investigators about the Book of Mormon and one of the drunks from her neighbor’s graduation party came over and joined in the lesson. He was seriously drunk, and could not remember 1 +1 sort of thing. I did get a little scared when he stood up from where he had been sitting on the ground but he was almost completely unaware of his surroundings. If he had not been shouting “I love Jesus” and “That’s like Catholic!” and “The dog told me that!” I would have thought he was completely out of it. Then as we were walking home from that lesson we ran into a Less Active who was wandering the street seriously drunk.
Brother B: Sisters! I am sorry. I am already drunk.
Us: then go home and don’t drink anymore.
B: ok just one more
Us: no you are done. Go home.
B: *pouts*
It's sad to see grown up people reducing themselves to nothing like this, but it is funny to see full grown up people acting like children.

Also! Our investigator Edita came back to church! This is two times in a row now and so we are hoping she will be ready by the end of this month for baptism. She even paid her tithing without us ever teaching her about it! They just talked about it in church last week so she paid it this week! She is amazing.

That’s all from my neck of the woods!

From the Taser-carrying Sister,

Sister Eldredge

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