Monday, May 8, 2017

Week 62: God Knows What is Needed

Oh how I love the smell of mangos in the morning. For some reason Mangos are very expensive here even though they are everywhere. It’s like you live on the beach and they sell fish… they are everywhere but not everyone has a boat- and in the case of mangoes a long bamboo stick with a net to both harvest and catch them. Luckily we have amazing members here who give us free mangos because I’m too cheap to buy my own! Haha

Nothing outrageous happened this week besides the fact that it’s me and Sister Banham, so there have been a lot of kids yelling “Americana!” and people thinking we are tourists, so they are surprised when I speak Tagalog and Sister Banham is close to fluent in Tagalog and the village language Ilocano. I also realized that I’m not as fluent as I thought! Throughout my mission I've asked my companions to correct me if I say something wrong and I guess they didn’t… But now I have a companion who is not afraid of correcting me and knows what I’m actually trying to say so corrects my grammar. It's humbling, slightly, but I’m just so grateful I have a companion who is willing to help push me to be better.

We are getting a little rushed to find a baptism for this month as no Investigators came to church and they have to have 4 consecutive Sundays in a row (with one-week allowance) and since no investigators came last week I knew that if we didn’t get any again this week we would be sunk, unless a miracle occurred and we found someone who had received all the lessons previously, had the consecutive Sundays… and remembered everything. So that is a possibility because God is in charge but percentage wise… it's rare. So we fasted (skipped two consecutive meals with a purpose in mind) praying that God would accept the fast and that we will be able to bless the specific investigators we have, and that they will have the desire to go to church so we can not only help them but help the members get excited about missionary work. So it was a bit of a downer when we had no investigators in church. After church though we had a sister walk up to us basically saying ‘hi I’m an investigator, teach me and my three brothers’ so miracles do happen! Sadly, her brothers are not in our area but we can teach her, so the elders are super stoked as now they have three priest-age (16-18 years-old) men they get to teach and our branch president is getting excited! Not to mention one of the Elder’s investigators was interviewed this last week so even if we (the sisters) don’t get a baptism at least there will still be one in the branch.

I have learned a great deal of trusting in the Lord’s plan. It makes life a LOT less stressful. I can trust He has got the reins, He knows what is needed and gives that, not what is wanted.

Love you all! Sister Eldredge

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