Monday, May 1, 2017

Week 61: Two Baptisms and Another Week Down

This week we didn’t get to work as much as we had a Zone Conference (we had 2 zones meet in Paoay… which is a 3-hour drive for us and there were about 100 missionaries) we keep losing huge groups going home and then only about 5 are new so we are getting a little stretched for missionaries! This week was fun and a little stressful as it’s Fiesta here in Vigan so there are NO people at their homes because they are all at the parties and stuff… I don’t like being a party crasher so we mostly just did finding.

We did have a great double baptism this week though! Mark Adrian (8) and Vanessa (12) both of their birthdays are in May so it's more like 9 and 13 but, technically Mark Adrian is a child of record and not a convert… so we can’t count him as a convert. Saturday morning, we went to clean the chapel before the baptism went down and we basically spent all morning cleaning! They assign the cleaning schedule by ward and not by family so it's been a while but we have already talked to the branch president about the cleaning schedule. The baptism was great and we had so many people there, especially the felowshipers we had with us in the lessons! While Sister Bustarde and I were walking to the chapel for the service we did some finding and tried to contact some Less Actives who live near the chapel and lo and behold we ran into one of our investigators we found just last Saturday! We were walking down this dirt road where there are about 50 sleeping dogs so we are trying to walk as quietly as we can so the dogs don’t wake up and charge at us (sometimes they are scary and sometimes they are scared of you- it just depends… but regardless sister Bustarde is terrified of dogs) so we are walking as quietly and sneakily as we can and then in comes Vicky:

“SISTEEEEERRRSSSSS!!!!!!” Thus ensues chaos as all the dogs wake up and start barking and we throw rocks at a few so they go away.  But she went with us to the baptism even though we went 30 min early! She met basically the whole branch presidency and the people who often work with us and it was just fun! BUT THEN WE HAD NO INVESTIGATORS IN CHURCH EVEN THOUGH WE HAD TWO AT THE BAPTISM!! But it's ok because we had about 6 returning LAs at the church which is something.
This week was hard emotionally for me as it’s the last week of the transfer (every 6 weeks is grouped into a cycle) and I now have to say goodbye to my friend Sister Bustarde, and she will be working in Laoag… but now I get a new companion! But not so new as she was my companion in the MTC! YUP I’m companions again with sister Banham! I hope she is ready for this! Hahha But yeah now I have officially lead the area in all of my areas except Santo Domingo but I was only there 1 cycle anyways!!

From the sister living in the 7 wonders
Sister Eldredge

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