Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 63: My Motto is Basically: Does This Absolutely Need to be Done Now or Can I Sleep?

Also If it doesn’t move me towards baptism then I'm not doing it. 

It's rough keeping up to date with all the paperwork that comes with missionary work but I'm mostly on top of it. I'm just not up to date in my journalist but that is something I have to live with… 

The best part of my week was me and sister Banham praying to find a family  and then finding two very promising families! We are trying to talk to everyone- even slightly scary looking guys- and its paid off!

Sometimes the guys don’t want to talk so they give fake names but its chill, we are just learning patience. Actually it doesn’t make me mad that we spend an hour looking for someone who gave us a fake name and then when we finally do find them they basically tell us to leave. I was surprised by how well I handled it and my companion did a good job bottling her anger. 

We did find this family who we first met the dad and he jumped off his motorcycle and then showed us where his house was and introduced us to his whole family and got a return appointment and they live next door to some members and it was great|!

We also had 17 people in church today that we have been working with (RC/ LA/ Investigators) so that was super fun. The sacrament meeting was pretty good and we had about 100 people there. I even gave a talk on Revelation and got to bear testimony how we believe God is a God of order and He establishes Truth through those who are of authority (they have a licence from Him- not from people or from their own understanding) and how our church not only has that authority but God's Power- that we call the priesthood. And it was fun to look into the eyes of my investigators and bear testimony of that to them in the sacrament meeting.

We are just trying to talk to everyone and so far it's paying off as we find those who are interested and those who want to be left alone. It's fun and stressful but that is life!

Sorry it's so short I have no time!

From the sister who is apparently patient now,
Sister Eldredge

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