Sunday, May 22, 2016

Week 12 in the Philippines Laoag Mission

May 23, 2016  

This week was... something. It feels like there was something going on every day this week! Last Monday was P-day and paying for the electric bill. Tuesday we did our best to find people in brgy #6 but everybody was "busy busy" so we mostly did member training. Then our Investigators Franklee and Rica asked us to accompany them to the political office of Sarrat to help them process their marriage papers! That was a very fun experience, and they are just waiting for the papers to process and that should finish this upcoming week! 

   We then had the opportunity to serve at a funeral service.  Sister Bagalay gave a talk on the Plan of Salvation and I was asked to sing.  After the service we went with the Zone Leaders who gave a blessing to a brother in our branch who was at the hospital sick.  

      Wednesday was pretty hectic and terrifying. We had exchanges with the STLs (Sister Training Leaders) and I was in charge of the area of Sarrat- which means that I was the one telling Sister Gabut where we were going, who we were going to see and how to get there. It was terrifying. 

     We luckily, only got lost for one hour and it was raining the whole time. That in and of itself is a funny story. Poor Sister Gabut was very patient with me while I dragged her all around Sarrat, and then it turned out I was right at my first guess. We were literally just wandering in circles and I think I know Sarrat a bit better from that experience.

Sister Gabut & Me

     By the time we finally found the investigators house it turns out he had left for Laoag to find work and so instead of teaching JayR, his sister and his father (who only speaks Ilocono) we just taught Benelyne (JayR's sister) but that lesson was wonderful. We also taught a lesson to our Recent Convert Mary Rose, but she was too shy to get anything out of the lesson as she didn't know sister Gabut. Then we went to teach our 18 year old investigator Brother Lorenzo, who originally had a baptismal date for next week. (Please continue to pray for him that he may be able to quit smoking.) We usually teach him and his friends but his friends were too shy and so we just taught him.We then taught a really powerful lesosn with our Investigator Sister Maan, we were also planning on having dinner at a member's home but received a text to come by the next day.

     It was a little frustrating because Sarrat has a reputation for being a hard area and I wanted to show sister Gabut that Sarrat really is amazing and that we have amazing investigators and a few supportive member families. I'm very grateful for the lessons we were able to teach and the powerful spirit that was there. I know Sister Gabut felt it too.

     On Thursday we had an incredible member training with the Ver family where we did Role Playing on how to fellowship the less actives, recent Converts, and Investigators. I honestly almost cried when I saw how enthusiastic they were about building trust with these people and making them feel loved.

    Friday, Saturday, and Sunday went by in a blur with some amazing lessons and the opportunity to participate in the All Woman's Broadcast, and Stake conference. This week has been hard as Sister Bagaly and myself have been on and off again sick. We are on the mend and are feeling fine now, so no worries! We have been blessed that even if we are not feeling well to be able to go out and serve the Lord and have the strength to do so. Saturday after the conference Presidant Andrada, my mission president, approached me and told me that he loved reading my weekly letter every week as I always make him laugh. That made me very happy. He said that he loves to read my letter first so he can get a good laugh out of it.

     So funny story for the week: we were out teaching and since one of our investigators was busy we decided to do some finding. We were in the middle of a lesson when lightning struck. It was really really loud and rather close to where we were. We all jumped up right out of our seats! It was funny because we all reacted the exact same way.

     Another funny story is here in the Philippines it doesn't rain cats and dogs. It rains mangoes! Sister Bagaly and I were walking down the street and a mango fell right on top of my umbrella! Scared me so bad, it was really funny!

    Every time I am invited to introduce myself I always turn into Incarnacio from the movie, "Nacho Libre":

     "My favorite color is light tan. My favorite animal is puppies, playing volleyball... I like serving the lord." 

As soon as I figure out how to say that in Tagalog I'm going to say that every time. 

    Fun culture fact: spaghetti. Spaghetti is the prime ribs of the Philippines. If it's a special occasion its spaghetti, which you can also get at McDonald and basically any fast-food restaurant. Its strange.

"Pinakamakapangyarihang" (don't ask me how to pronounce it I can't, yet.) it means Almighty.
"ing-ing" means the sound of a violin.

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