Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 11 in the Laoag Phillipines Mission

May 16, 2016 

 I have decided that the Philippines would be Eden if it had AC. Fruits and flowers grow spontaneously!! This week has gone by in a blur! Next week is exchanges (where I swap out with a Sister Training Leader and she evaluates me on how I'm doing in the area) which means that I will be leading the area for a day. I really hope we don't get lost!! If we do get lost thought, we can always just grab a tricy and head back to the apartment and start from there... I guess...

The view when we are in a Tricy

Us in the Tricy.  I barely fit.  

     Here in the Philippines instead of little girls wearing pink and lace and boys wear blue and bugs its either Ben 10 or Frozen. Its everywhere. There are even wall murals of it on buildings and homes. Talking about crazy, the Philipinnoes really know how to party! they just finished the two week long 'fiesta' celebrating the founding of their town. It was long and crazy and loud the whole two weeks but now that its over the town seems so quiet... They still have some stalls set up selling stuff but the parties and shows have finished. 

     Last week my dad told me that this week would be the hardest for me as I got to skype home. It has been the hardest, but not in the way I think he meant. We taught at least 11 lessons each day the first three days and we finished this week with nearly 50 lessons. (we were two short) Our goal next week is to teach 50 lessons total, and to find more people to teach as well as be able to meet with the members and help them know how to help us in the missionary work. I hope all who read this blog at least give one referral to the missionaries in their area. Ask for your local missionaries to come over and have a training session! They'll help you know how to extend the invitation for your friend to meet with them so its not so strange or awkward for you. Its a challenge I know you are all up to, and I cant wait to hear of your success!

     I think the hardest thing this week was Thursdayay night our electricity shut off. This isn't unusual, but it was out until 3 am. And how would I know that you ask? Because its frigin hot and you can't sleep when all the dogs in the town are having a pow-pow down the street. The following day was hard but we were still able to get 12 high quality lessons! 

     This Sunday we were blessed with 7 Investigators attending church- That's nearly all of them!! Many of them came without their friends and asawas (spouse) and that just testified of their dedication and conversion. 

    Two of our investigators are currently looking for a job, it would mean so much if you could include time in your prayers that they will find jobs that will allow them to not work on Sunday. JayR and Franklee will be so blessed.

Love, Sister Eldredge

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