Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 10 in the Laoag Philippines Mission, I Forgot My Shoes!!

May 8, 2016

Wow this week went by really fast! With two days where we were out of commission for various reasons and a mission tour with the Area 70 Elder Ardurn we were hard pressed to try to keep up to our goals in finding and teaching. 

What I learned this week was patience. I've only been out in the field a few weeks and I am still learning the language. Its hard for me as I want so desperately to be able to communicate in and outside of lessons with those that we are teaching. I want them to know how much I care and to truly get to know them. But I cant- yet. I learned this week to be appreciative of the Tagalog that I do know and work from there up. I may not be able to understand what people are saying and half the time they can't understand me- but that's ok because we can all understand the spirit. 

Our investigators are amazing, 
while Nanay Modesta and Nanay Maria (age 81 and 87) have a hard time coming to church due to their age, they do their best and pray for strength to be able to come. 

Our progressing investigator Franklee and his partner Rica are absolutely stunning. Despite being out of town all week and only getting back late last night Fanklee was still able to attend church with Rica and their son Kaizer. They are very excited about their upcoming wedding and marriage this 27th. 

Lorenzo, our other progressing investigator, is amazing. This week he brought four of his friends, one of whom is less active, with him to church! We had so many investigators it almost felt like the branch was half member half investigator and less active! 

Sister Maan, our most recent progressing investigator, was able to come the last hour for sacrament meeting and she was just beaming. She could not find someone to take care of her son so she brought him as well! He's an adorable two year old. The spirit is really strong with Sister Maan. She is unsure if she wants to marry her partner but truly has a desire to be baptized and become clean. Her sacrifice to walk to church with her son amazes me.

Brother JayR came to church! We first met him my first week out in the field and he accepted the invitation to be baptized, then did not come to church. When we went to his house his father said he was not home, but Sister Bagalay and I believe he was hiding from us. That was really hard. But we went back again and they accepted us and let us teach them and then Brother JayR came to church! His faith is growing and his desire to learn.
They all amaze me. 

This week has been somewhat hectic and very busy. At times I kept forgetting things! I forgot my name badge one day and had to go back to the apartment for it. Luckily we were only just down the street. Then later in the afternoon, after we had returned to our apartment for our noon time studies and had left to proselyte again. We were teaching some young men that we had met at the home of our progressing investigator, Franklee and Rica. In the middle of me bearing my testimony Sister Bagalay started busting out laughing! She just laughed and laughed, and nearly fell out of her chair. I freaked- I thought I must have messed up in the language so I quickly closed out my testimony and apologized, explaining that I am still learning Tagalog. Then Sister Bagalay pointed out that I HAD FORGOTTEN MY SHOES! and was still wearing my house slippers! We all laughed at that for some time.

I'm sorry this week's letter is so short- but I was able to spend quite some time skyping with my family and now do not have much time to write! 

I love you all and I want to thank you for all the prayers you send my way. I truly feel your love.

Sister Eldredge

The Elders teaching a lesson.

A normal meal at our apartment.  We buy whole fish at the market and cook them at home.

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