Monday, August 22, 2016

Week 25 in the Philippines Laoag Mission: Typhoons, Mysterious Doors, and my first Transfer.

Saying Goodby to the Branch


This week was eventful and i took a million pictures and then my camera dies 5 minutes before I emailed. Soo... this will be fun, as I usually scroll through the pictures and just write about what I remember based on what I see.

This week started out with a three day typhoon. So typhoon basically just means it rains like a tropical storm for one day and then a California drizzle the rest, then every now and then there will be like 5 minutes of torrential downpour out of nowhere and then back to drizzle. So it's important to have a hardy umbrella and i can't wait to get some freaking pants to work in...

Since I have been in Sarrat since April I was expecting to get transferred at the end of this week. I have done my best to try and meet up with all our investigators and take pictures with them all so... If you can't tell i'm a little bummed about the whole 'broken camera' thing. Oh! I also got a door closed in my face, that is a first! So it's actually a funny story. We were first teaching Kimberly here but then she moved to another town so we were hoping to meet up with her family and teach them as the dad was super nice and he had been reading the pamphlets we had given to Kimberly. We met up with her mom and set up a day and time to meet with them and we were super excited to teach a family and when we got there the door was open so we just called out "tao po!' (literally it just means people! but that is how you knock here, you don't actually knock on the door) and we were waiting for Beverly (their 8 year old daughter) to come out and be all 'Sisters!!' like she usually is but the house was EMPTY so we kept trying because we were like 95% sure Kimberly's mom was there and then the door just slooowly slid shut. Soo that was actually really funny, I heard a little voice in my head like the door was talking "what, people? no, there are no people here. nope, none at all. do do doo..." *whistling* so that was super funny.

This is also officially the 7th week that Lorenzo has missed church. he works from 6am to 6:30pm every day and life is just hard for him. His house is a bamboo shack in the middle of a cow field and they have no electricity but they do have plumbing which is nice. The thing is their house is like a boarding house for poor kids who are going to the school just down the street so there are a million kids just running around and they are all just so happy. I can't explain it, but here in the Philippines no one is really poor. Like their house may be dirt floor and they may eat more rice than ulam (the food that goes with rice, like entree) but you'd never guess that as they are always just so happy. I’ve only ever seen one kid that was really sad and that was because she had tripped and skinned her chin. (she was ok, she just bit her lip) But anyways he (Lorenzo) is working 24/7 and is praying to be able to get Sundays off but so far it's hard. His friend Kenneth (a less active) came to church with his friend Lennox and they also went to the youth activity this last Saturday so we are just praying for Lorenzo to get Sundays off.

We also thought we were going to get a baptism this Saturday but Kevin's lolo (grandpa) is still sick and is still spending weeks in Sarrat and weekends in the hospital with his grandfather. So he will be baptized later, he is just stretched so thin with midterms in school (while your school may have started Aug 22 school started about may here) traveling to and from Laoag, and studying and taking care of his grandpa... it's rough on him but you should just hear him pray. Its beautiful.

We also got temporally locked out of our laundry room this week. So our laundry room is an add on to the house, it was built later, so there are locks on inside and out on the two doors. So I guess I closed the door too forcefully and the hook swung up and hooked onto the nail, locking the door from the outside. So we tried going outside but that door was locked as well, so we tried the whole 'shimmy the card through the door to unlock it' trick and we were there for a good 15 minutes. Sister Hermosa, shimmying and me giving moral support and wanting to help. She then stepped back like 'I don't know what to do now' and I just kicked the door in. It was like BAM I NEED ME MY LAUNDRY so... I was actually giggling about that for a good day. I'm actually still laughing about it. I felt like 9 (the 9th Doctor) if he had been in 'The Day of the Doctor' from Doctor Who when 10 and 11 and the War Doctor were stuck in a dungeon and they are trying to calculate the molecular structure of the door and the companion just opens the door. If 9 had been there he would've just kicked the door down. (for those who don't watch Doctor Who this may seem really strange but the numbers represent characters, they all play the same person just during different times and different faces. its good.  anyways, back to the letter) So i just kicked the door in, no damage to the door or me, and we got in and took out the nail that the hook had locked itself on so that won't happen again.

So you may be thinking' Sister Eldredge, you shouldn't be kicking down doors with your hurt foot!' well it's not hurt anymore. In fact it looks quite normal and it doesn't even itch anymore. So I will no longer be visiting hospitals except to teach people, thank you very much. (and a hallelujah to that.) Speaking of Hospitals I got transferred. what does that have to do with hospitals? Well my new area is the area with the hospital in it, funny enough... so I'll probably list my and my new companion's names under people you can talk to at the hospital. But the funniest thing about the transfer is that i'm actually not leaving Sarrat. I'm going to the other side of the river, and the other half of Sarrat if what I have heard about my new area is true.

From the sister working on fixing her camera
Sister Eldredge

Sarrat Branch

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