Monday, August 8, 2016

Week 23 in the Philippines Laoag Mission: Back On My Feet?

When You Forget Your Name Badge


Kamusta mga tao!

    So this week started out limping and finished walking, and for that i'm grateful. The pictures of my feet look really bad and gross and scary but that was last week and i haven't taken a picture of what my toes look like now, which is nearly entirely healed over and it doesn't hurt to walk anymore, which is cool. So what happened was I have been treating my foot for athletes foot and it had mostly gone away when one night, last Sunday, it started hurting so bad I didn't fall asleep until 2:30am. The next morning the three biggest toes had swollen and were covered in yellow puss. Literally overnight. So I texted Sister Andrada, the registered nurse, like a good little girl and had to go to the hospital to get the puss removed. Just thinking about that makes my foot hurt... but anyways the doctors removed the infected bit (which I could've done at home in all honesty) and was told to keep it bandaged and dry until I came back the next week. So I'll be going back AGAIN later today to see what they say. Last week we also got sized for our slacks so we are one step closer to getting PANTS!! I may cry.

    Speaking of crying I got a package from home!! it had Harry Potter candies, music, John Bytheway CD's (that i finished listening to within the first 5 days of getting it) and sooo much more. It was the BEST! Especially after such a long and exhausting day. That day I had walked way more than usual, as I needed to buy groceries, and go to the doctor to have my foot looked at and I was exhausted from not sleeping enough and all that jazz so it was literally heaven-sent that I got the packages when I did. Did I mention we got a mosquito net? Sister Hermosa and I have rearranged the room so that we can both be under it and we just lay their looking at all the mosquitoes that are trying to get in and thank our lucky stars.

Hugging My Mosquito Net.

    But not much really happened this week due to being confined to the house... agian... Technically we weren't 'confined' but i can't wear shoes and i cant get my foot wet so when it rains we are stuck. It rained all day sunday and i wrapped my foot in a plastic bag and taped it on to get to church, and even that didn't work entirely. OH! did I ever tell you about Kevin? He is the grandson of a Recent Convert, well he is kinda adopted in. His dad is Italian and he's never met him, and his mom lives in Manila for work so we was living with his grandfather in a neighboring town but goes to Sarrat for school and Nanay Myrna saw him and at first she thought he was her grandson who lives in Oxford, UK so she called him over got to know him and invited him to live with her during the school year so he wouldn't have to commute over an hour from school and home. He hasn't been able to come to church the last few weeks as he has been taking care of his grandfather who is in the hospital, but boy should you hear him pray. He has attended church in the past with his friend Gello who is also a RC, so we don't worry about him, we are just praying for him and his grandfather.

    We also were invited over for dinner at a member's home: The Ver's. They like us to come over with the Zone Leader's every Saturday. We had fried tilapia and Elder Daclag convinced Elder Motley that 'true' Filipinos eat fish bones. So Poor Elder Motley believed him and we were all rolling. Whenever Elder Motley was distracted (Elder Daclag would point something out and Elder Motley would turn to look) Elder Daclag would put fish bones on my plate so it looked like he was eating them. Eventually Sister Hermosa told Elder Motley to look up 2 Nephi 9:34 which is about how those who lie never prosper. We were laughing soo hard when he realized he had been taken for a ride.

    So due to continual rain, a bandaged foot and ravenous avocados we didn't get much proselyting done. In fact we all but used up our travel money for trycee's and jeepnee's the first few days as we would just trycee from appointment to appointment. However we have three really magaling (awesome) investigators and a baptism this week! Yup, happy birthday Tesha tomorrow we will be baptizing Tatay Roman. Yesterday after his baptism was announced we had sooo many members get up and bear their testimony of missionary work, and their love for Tatay Roman and how they know that the gospel will bless him and his family. Then, the show stopper, his son Romel got up and bore his testimony. Romel baptized Mery Rose back in April but he very rarely sits in with us in the lessons with Tatay so I wasn't sure what he thought of his father getting baptized. But he bore the most heartfelt testimony about prayer and i was bawling. He talked about how he has been praying for his father to be baptized for over a year now and how grateful he is for 'the missionaries' to have never given up hope on Tatay. It was truly an amazing end to the week and I wish every Sunday was like that.

    From the sister who is almost back on her feet
Sister Eldredge

P.S.  we got a new cat. i've named it lucifer. it's white with red eyes and likes to pee on stuff and i'm trying to evict lucifer and keep salem. Salem and Lucifer are both tom cats so they fight and freaking lucifer took a chunk out of salem's face and i'm going to whack him with a broom next time i see him. Also i looked up salem in the bible dictionary and it means peace. that is cool, but i need salem to whup lucifer's butt. so that is fun.

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