Monday, December 19, 2016

Week 42: Visitors from My Old Area


Once Again this has been a crazy week! This week was the beginning of the new schedule (following the White Hand Book Schedule where you study in the morning instead of the afternoon) and i can’t say I’m a fan. I actually miss working the mornings! But, we will continue to press forward and see what else gets thrown in our path. I received a visit from my mission trainer Sister Bagalay along with the Branch President from Sarrat, and boy what news did they have! Apparently they have had a baptism nearly every month since I first got there! The branch is on fire and just stoked, even with just one set of missionaries! To top it off one of my old investigators (Benedicto JR) will be getting baptized this 23rd!! I'm so stoked for him!! It's always been my dream , ever since I got to Sarrat -waaaay back then-  to make it a place where missionaries are begging to go, and now oh boy are they ever!! Some of the most recent missionaries who came in November 14th had heard about it and had hoped and hoped to be sent there! I'm so excited for the progression there! Now onto my current area!
            So funny story first. After the exchanges with the STL there is supposed to be an evaluation, where the STL gives tips on what they noticed you need to improve on or suggestions on companionship unity. So Sister Hermosa is our STL and during the evaluation she mentioned how amazingly well sister Ganaden and I get along. Then as soon as the Exchange ended and I was back with Sister Gaaden we had a fight, and she refused to talk to me for the rest of the day. She would just sit there and glare at me. And then the next morning we got a text from our District Leaders asking us to do a small training on companionship unity during our meeting later that day. Sister Ganaden and I both looked at each other and we're all: “Can we do that?” But she forgave me luckily so we were good. It was just ironic that we would be complemented twice about our companionship unity after having a fight.
            There is not much else to say about this week besides that we had hoped to have a White Christmas (Baptisms) but that will be pushed back to January due to some utility problems so we will simply have three baptisms this upcoming January: Kim and Natalie who have been attending church together with some member relatives and approached Us and asked US if they could be baptized so that is absolutely amazing, and Daniel. Daniel is the son of a returning less active member and is incredibly smart, he wants to know everything about the gospel, he also enjoys sleeping in on weekends,  but he has finally formed the habit of waking up on time for church so hooray!!
            Today is Christmas Con, but as it's only part of the way through I’ll discuss it next week.
Masaya ang Pasko po niyo!! (Mah-say-ya a-ng pass-ko n-yo) or Merry Christmas to you!
Sister Eldredge

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