Sunday, September 18, 2016

Week 29 in the Philippines Laoag Mission: Kevin was baptized!! Messin' with the Greenies, and Feeling the Spirit!

 this sister sat in front of us at conference and she seemed to enjoy all of my sarcastic comments throughout the meeting (like when we started to talk about how you should wash your hands i was all. "Sister gabut can i borrow your pen? I got to write this down, who knew we were supposed to wash our hands?)  and she says it's destiny we will eventually be companions. she said i'm different from all the other americans because i smile and laugh so much. she says im basically a filipina which makes me happy!


This week has been some fun. Well, every week is fun but this one was... i don't know. it was just fun ok? Mostly because i've had several people tell me I should be a comedian, though the level of sarcasm and sass that comes along with my humor would probably make my mother faint. (Love you mom! haha) First was Zone conference. Man oh man do I love Zone Con. (Not as much as peanut butter, but it's a close second) Not only do we get to listen to inspiring talks and discuss how to become better missionaries, but free lunch! and Ice cream! so Zone Con is heaven. I met this greenie from Colorado, USA (someone who is new in the field, they are also called trainees) who this was his first cycle and when I first met him he asked where I was from. So of course I said I was from Manila.I wish I had pictures of his face. I explained how my grandparents are Americans but i'm a Filipino, and the reason i have an american accent is because of my parents talking in an american accent around me when I was a kid. he totally believed me too.. but no I told him the truth and he was all confused. haha. I've done a pretty good job of keeping up my English while only speaking in Tagalog (to the best of my ability) and I have to say that is mostly due to the fact that I write in my journal every night in 100% English. In part because i'm lazy and i know that my kids won't speak or understand Tagalog and i want them to understand what i'm talking about when i mention cow pies and vicious ducks. That does make the Tagalog come a little slower...

    This week despite our best efforts we have not been able to do as many lessons as we would have liked (such as an entire day without any lessons because all our appointments fell through or people said 'next time na lang' which means just try next time, we are busy now. But luckily we have gotten into the habit of always leaving with a prayer so we at least felt like we had shared the spirit with those we saw, even if there were no sit down lessons.)

    However, since coming to the city of Batac we have not had any investigators come to church. That is a little rough, as you work your darndest to get lessons and help people feel the spirit and then they decide for one reason or another to not come to the one place that simply radiates the spirit... but agency is good and i don't think i am physically capable of dragging them all to church and that wouldn't make them want to come anyways. But we had FOUR investigators come to church this week and they all LOVED it. I had to refrain myself from saying "I tOLD you it's awesome!!" I was all but bouncing in my seat when sacrament started, happy as a clam.

    Another awesome thing that happened this week was when we went to go visit Sister Florenita (whose husband isn't against us meeting with her but doesn't want her to go to church- she'd be baptized already if that wasn't the case, her testimony is sooo amazing) and her friend and neighbor Sarah was visiting when we arrived. At first we thought 'ah, sweet a new investigator!' but then Sarah's 3 year old daughter needed help with something so she left halfway through the lesson. So i was bummed, but then SHE CAME BACK. Usually moms are busy and babies and life and such so I was honestly sooo surprised when she came back. We had difficulty finding a scripture so while Sister Gabut was searching I asked Sarah how she felt about what she had heard. This is what she said: "It feels like Jesus is here. That is why I came back, I want to always feel like this." I have to say I had NO idea how to respond to that. What I wanted to do was get up and dance but that would have been counterproductive. Personally, the lesson felt like it was going well, but I didn't think that the spirit was exceptionally strong or anything, It felt like just another lesson. So either I need to work on recognizing the spirit or im just so awesome... hahaha I probably just need to work on recognizing the spirit a bit more. But this has happened before. In July when I went on Exchanges with Sister Owen (the most fun and obedient missionary EVER she is awesome) after we finished the lessons for the day she started skipping and singing 'the spirit was sooooo strong!' and I had felt like it was just like any other day. So hopefully I'm just that good, but probably not.

    Another amazing thing that happened this week was Kevin (from Sarrat) was scheduled for baptism this last Saturday!! I am not able to stay in communications with other missionaries or my past areas (no emails or written letters are allowed) and the only reason I know that this happened is because I ran into President Zabala last week and he told me about it. I also got to see sister Manglenlen from Sarrat this Sunday but I didn't get the chance to talk to her sadly. The work is really progressing and i'm simply stunned and loving every moment of it. Hopefully we will have some baptisms this upcoming October (We actually have a baptism scheduled for the day before my birthday so that is fun)

    From the sister who is exhausted but happy
Sister Eldredge

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