Sunday, July 17, 2016

Week 20 in the Philippines Loaog Mission: Another Week of Rest

A "Get-Well" Lei from my Zone Leaders.  The Elder in the picture on the Lei is one of my Zone Leaders.

July 17, 2016

Well it looks like I have survived another week! haha i'm kidding. This week has been much of the same, being stuck in the house. It was quite funny because as soon as I stepped foot into our house after being released from the hospital my left foot started acting up. i did not have a day between getting released and my foot getting bad. It is true when they say once you have finished done trial you begin another! Apparently I have athlete's foot and because I have not taken care of it it has gotten pretty bad so we went tot the hospital to have it checked out and I was told shoes are bawal (not allowed), and to keep the foot covered in ointment and to give it plenty of air. Needless to say it has been another week in the house. We went out to teach on a few occasions and My health is improving so it was not extrenious.

So a basic wrap up of the last few weeks:
Our main focus in teaching is on three of our investigators: Roman, Franklee and Kimberly.

   Tatay Roman is 50+ and his entire family are active members. We had hoped to have had his baptism this last Saturday but he had some things he needs to work out first before he is ready for baptism, namely his addiction to alcohol. He quit cold turkey after receiving a blessing several months ago and he is aware of the temptations. The coolest thing is that he knows what he wants to do to prepare for his baptisms and is willing to truly repent and come clean. He will be baptized, I have absolutely no doubt about it, it only depends on the when. Our goal as of now is August 20th.

    Next, Kimberly. We hope to have her baptized next month and she is simply golden. She is 18 with a now 2 month old baby named Dimple and she began reading the book of Mormon from the beginning without being invited to do so and always has questions or insights about reading assignments. I am only concerned that she doesn't come to church. I think that she is scared to come, but once we put some effort into helping her have fellowshipers she will feel more confidant in coming and knowing that she will have help at church with her adorable baby.

    Finally Franklee and his wife Rica. They are going to have a three way celebration on the 10th of august. Their baby's 1st birthday, their wedding and Franklee's baptism. Its not a Saturday like baptisms usually are but it is an awesome day. Its been about 6 weeks since we last went over the Baptismal Interview Questions with him so it is understandable that he is a little rusty but I have never seen this amount of conviction. As he is again struggling with his addiction to cigarettes he asked for a priesthood blessing and has been doing great since! He is a true miracle; no matter the obstacles no matter the drawbacks or bumps in the road he has been converted since we began teaching. In all honesty I think he was converted before we began teaching him!

    While teaching our one of the recent converts in the area, Nanay Myrna my mom away from home, we met her grandson Kevin who was a previous investigator. Iv'e taught him before but there was something different about him this time. He was receptive and discussed how some things were not going right in his life and he knew that by attending church he would be able to receive the guidance he needed to get his life back on course. When he attended church this last Sunday we asked how he felt about the service. He talked about how he felt so much lighter, like a burden had been taken from him. I am excited to extend a baptismal goal date to him next lesson and to help him begin to progress towards reviving the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that it will truly bless his life.

    Personally, I am feeling great! I'm still easily tired and my foot itches like I stepped in a fire ant mound but its healing and I will be able to really start teaching again. Mainly what I have learned from being cooped up in the house for 9 days was patience and the importance of repentance. If we compare my athlete's foot to sin, we get a sort of analogy for life: If I had been...
1) Aware of my problem and
2) Had the courage to admit that I needed help and that I could not do it on my own
    I would not have been confined to the house for as long as I have been. Its a terrible analogy but that is the analogy I've got. Putting off repentance is like getting stabbed and then convincing yourself that you can just YouTube how to stitch it up. No, don't do that; that's dumb. Take your problem to someone who has the ability and the authority to help and you will be healed! Its literally that simple. Doctors don't get mad at patients for being sick and bishops don't get mad at people for their mistakes. We all mess up and we all need the help, so just get the help and start getting better!

    I did get a blessing from the Zone Leader's in our area and while I did not receive a miraculous healing like I had hoped I did receive what I needed. I was told to be patient and to be at peace. (One of the reasons I was sick these last weeks is due to stress.) So I'm working on new ways to de-stress as well as staying healthy. After the blessing the Elder's joked that I should give them athlete's foot so they could have a turn resting! It was quite funny.

From the sister who is tired of resting and ready to work

Sister Eldredge

My Hospital Room Last Week

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