Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 15 in the Phillipines Loaog Mission

So! IT'S BEEN A LONG DAY OF EMOTIONAL TURMOIL AND DINOSAUR FIGHTS!   I'm kidding! That's just a quote (to the best of my memory) from Meet the Robinsons. So first things first, we did not get as much work done this week due to two things: 
     1) bad timing
     2) Illness (ours and our investigators)

     So let's cover #2 first. Yes, I'm fine. No I don't need anyone to come get me. I just have low RBC (red blood cell count) so I just have to eat a lot of green leafy foods ("yay... salad" I say sarcastically) and drink my body weight in water. so that is always fun..... but the worst part is that our progressing Investigator, Brother Franklee hasn't been able to come to church the last three weeks because he has been in Pasuquin taking care of his sick mother! Sister Hermosa and I have sent them the address to the church house in Pasuquin so that they can attend but we are unsure if they have attended or not since neither of them have load. (A "load" here in the Philippines is what they call if their phone is registered. You register  or reload, your phone once a month.) So we can text them, since you pay for outgoing texts, but they cannot respond or receive calls. So lots of prayers there.

     So every time we go to meet with our investigator JayR we wither had just missed him, he had been gone for a while, or he was in the process of leaving. His work schedule is super missed up but we hope to be able to fix it this upcoming week. He thought he would be free in the mornings but his schedule got all mixed up and he isn't even sure when he is free! Eventually his schedule will be fixed and the Lord will bless us to be able to meet with him! Sunday his sister remarked that we had the worst timing and I couldn't help but agree! This also extends to other investigators. Here in the Philippines you don't ask if you can come by a specific time, you just ask if morning or afternoon works better and just try your best to be there when they are. So we will keep trying and praying for better timing!

     Last week I had the opportunity to have lunch with President/ Elder Tan from Manila who is the Branch President in Bangui. According to him the apartment we are living in used to be haunted!!!! You can imagine my excitement! So of course as soon as we found some free time we went upstairs (where we never go because it is soooo hot) and into the attic. There we found old trunks and suitcases full of super old blankets, clothes and coins. (Don't worry we put everything back where we found it, folded just as it was.) The coins dated from 1942-1973 and had both the American and Filipino emblems on them! I was doing a happy dance when Sister Hermosa opened the first trunk. This is because it took me a good 20 minutes trying all the keys on the key ring we found in all the locks. Turns out they were unlocked. So after I literally sweated over trying to open them Sister Hermosa just leaned over and opened them. Pretty crazy. 

     There have been some storms here but luckily no flooding. Its been strange. I honestly have only seen the sun twice this week due to cloud coverage and rain but as soon as the sun came back I was excited to see it go. Its incredible, without the sun the weather here is actually rather cold- especially at night- but its much more pleasant to walk around in than in the sweltering heat! Also, fun fact, Sisters are allowed to wear PANTS during the rainy season. Did I emphasize that enough? PANTS, ladies and gentlemen. I nearly cried for joy. Obviously they will be suit slacks and all that, but any pants are better than no pants, right? If you don't know I am not the 'girlie' type. I much prefer pants over skirts (as you can see by my excitement) and honestly the biggest trial when I was preparing to come on my mission was the thought that I would have to say goodbye to my precious pants. So pants are back! *Excitement galore*

     This morning we had the opportunity to go with the Zone Leaders to the Dragon Fruit farm to scout it out for the upcoming Zone activity. They have a bunch of fiberglass creatures and animals throughout the farm as well as a few pools that since we are missionaries are bawal, or forbidden. Ever time I say bawal I think of the scene in Naco Libre where the priest says "It is forbidden!" When they find out Nacho is a wrestler. Anyways we also went to the oldest building in Sarrat, which just happens to also be the Catholic church. This building is crazy old and is simply full of history. We didn't go when they were giving tours but our branch president, President Zabala gave us a quick tour around the grounds. I would love to come back to these ruins later to take fancy-smancie pictures later! 

     I've been growing a lot in the language and I'm beginning to believe my trainer when she says that I'll be fluent by the end of this cycle, which is a comfort to me. Its always fun to see the expression on some peoples faces when they realize I speak Tagalog. 

Love, Sister Eldredge

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